Teletoon to fight crime in Chinatown

To keep up with the demand for prime-time animation, not to mention trying to unite East and West, the new series will promote the exchange of cultural and artistic ideals.

Chinatown Cops, a new animated prime-time comedy whose declared goal is to unite East and West, will hit the Detour sked on Teletoon next spring.

The series, which targets the 18-35 demographic, is about a crime-fighting duo and, says Lisa Olfman, president/co-founder of Portfolio Entertainment, promises to be ‘an ideal project to start off our new line of prime-time animation production. And we believe that the Detour on Teletoon is the perfect launch pad for the series.’

Chinatown Cops is being produced and distributed by Portfolio Entertainment and is financed through Teletoon and the Canadian Television Fund. Teletoon is available on demand and on mobile TV, and is viewed in 7.4 million Canadian homes.