OOH transit ad resources get revamped

Supported by four OOH biggies, the new planning model will provide agencies, advertisers and transit operators easy access and storage of data files.

Canada’s OOH operators are launching a new planning strategy for transit advertising, to be known as the Transit Reach Frequency Model. CBS Outdoor, Lamar Outdoor, Metromedia Plus and Pattison Outdoor have devoted three years of cooperative investment to develop the approach.

Advertisers will be able to fine-tune their transit campaigns with the aid of BBM/RTS: RAE, through which they will have access to specific demographic data, product usage information, lifestyle and media habits and more. The project will enable users to plan or analyze their campaigns in detail, either individually or as part of a media mix.

To create a campaign that targets the client’s unique market, agencies and advertisers will be able to compare reach and frequency deliveries on any campaign, number of panels, GRPs on CMA or specific transit system footprints among major Canadian cities.