OOH revenue climbs to double digits

Out-of-home advertising spend has grown across several product categories over last year.

Nielsen’s Ad Expenditure Report pegs OOH ad revenue growth at about 12% from January to May 2008 over 2007. The growth was even more substantial, at 19%, for the top 50 OOH advertisers. Ad spend on the medium has increased across product categories including telecommunications, financial, packaged goods and government.

The Out-of-home Marketing Association‘s (OMAC) latest study results suggest that Canadians are more irritated than they used to be at advertising that interrupts their personal lives, and they avoid it more. OMAC was quick to point out that the same study revealed a greater acceptance of advertising presented outside of the home.

OMAC president Rosanne Caron says strong growth in the medium is ‘expected to continue given that Canadians now spend over one half (53%) of their weekly time outside of the home. OOH media have become increasingly relevant and a vital component of integrated media plans.’

Caron credited digital OOH and other advancements in tech as contributors to future growth. Digital OOH will be a key topic addressed by an industry panel at OMAC’s OOH Day events this fall in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

OMAC members include Astral Media Outdoor, Captivate Network, CBS Outdoor, Lamar Transit, Metromedia Plus, Newad, Pattison Outdoor, Titan Worldwide and Zoom Media.