CRTC okays new channels

The channels eScapes, Baseball TV, Rural Channel and Northern Peaks have three years to launch.

Rogers Broadcasting’s Baseball TV is one of four new digital channels approved this week by the CRTC. All have three years to launch.

The regulator ruled that the channel would not be competitive with general sports channels TSN and SportsNet. No more than 10% of its programming can be live Major League Baseball games.

Other channels getting the green light were Rural Channel, eScapes and Northern Peaks.

The Category 2 Rural Channel will serve the interests and needs of individuals and families living outside major cities, while eScapes will showcase nature and human activity programming to be used as background visuals with no audio, except the sounds of nature.

Northern Peaks is a pay channel being billed as ‘Canada’s first adult video channel offering significant Canadian adult content.’ The CRTC is requiring Northern Peaks to spend at least $1 million on Canadian porn in its first year of operation.

From Playback Daily