Sony chooses complementary locale for OOH

For its giant 'Colour Like No Other' installation promoting Bravia LCD TVs, the marketer decided on an ultra-modern site in Montreal.

Location, location, location applies to advertising as much as it does to real estate, Patrick Lapointe, marketing director for television at Toronto-HQ’d Sony of Canada, tells MiC.

Aiming to raise awareness of its Bravia LCD TVs among core consumers in Montreal, the electronics co – together with Toronto’s M2 Universal media agency – selected the strategically located Madigan edifice in Montreal’s ultra-modern Place Riopelle for a giant (270′ long x 35′ high) installation.

‘We were happy to be able to include this very effective OOH location as part of our current advertising campaign for Bravia,’ Lapointe explains. ‘Place Riopelle is an outstanding modern art statement in itself, and it blends perfectly with our main advertising message for Bravia, which is ‘Colour Like No Other.”

Adds Jean-Claude Henri, a principal at Madigan Outdoor: ‘The landmark location allows Sony to dominate the core sector with the largest OOH format available in the Montreal market.’