Chum Radio unveils ‘pop alternative’ with station launch

Winnipeg's newest radio station is the first in North America to carry the newly trademarked format.

With the launch of Winnipeg’s newest radio station, CURVE 94.3, Chum Radio has introduced a new format called ‘pop alternative’ – the product of a marriage between the pop and alternative genres.

The pop alternative format, which Chum Radio has trademarked across North America, came about as the result of audience research and discussions with music fans. CURVE 94.3, the new voice of the fledgling format, boasts wide appeal, particularly among adults 25-40 years of age, with a diverse play list including artists like Daft Punk, Nirvana, Coldplay, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse and Weezer.

Winnipeg’s new station also promises to offer listeners an interactive experience with interesting radio personalities as well as contests and significant community involvement. CURVE has plans to unveil a web strategy and interactive platform in the coming months.