Koodo calling all contortionists

Starting today, 'Kick It Like a Koodo-ciser' will result in one of the brave folks who twist their bodies to fit into weird foam cut-outs getting to star in the mobile co's winter campaign.

Kicking off this evening, a potentially hilarious street initiative dreamed up at Taxi Toronto will invite consumers to congregate at downtown spots in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto (corner of Front and Simcoe, 6-10 pm) intermittently this month.

Why? To do whatever it takes to twist their bodies to fit into huge foam cut-outs. Why would anyone want to do that? For the chance to star in Koodo Mobile’s upcoming winter campaign.

Street teams will encourage passersby to twist themselves into human pretzels and be photographed doing so, and then post the results on the ‘Kick It Like a Koodo-ciser’ website for judging by a panel that’s certain to be laughing itself silly during the process.

A whole new twist on the CGC concept? Sure. MiC calls it consumer-generated contortions.