Global takes ‘interruption’ literally

The network's campaign for Heroes' return has picketers holding up traffic and movie goers plunged into darkness.

If you see picketers in high-traffic areas during rush hour brandishing hand-made ‘Darkness is coming’ signs, don’t call the cops. Hop out and try to score one of the face masks of the evil Heroes character Sylar that are being handed out.

The stunt is part of Canwest’s plot to draw attention to the premiere of the hit returning series via a villain-themed marketing campaign in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver this month.

The integrated push, designed to alert Heroes fans while intriguing new viewers, builds on the summer’s teaser tagline, ‘Darkness is coming,’ headlined on air and online. New promo spots will air on TV throughout September, and for special ‘theatrical’ screenings, movie theatre lights will go completely dark prior to airing Heroes trailers.

‘This season’s intriguing storyline of good vs. evil was the foundation for our creative direction,’ says Jamie Schouela, VP marketing strategy at Global.

Global also teamed up with the National Post and Virgin Radio for an exclusive early viewing of Heroes‘ two-hour premiere episode with a special message from the show’s creator, Tim Kring, this week.