Panasonic shares high-def Alpine insider moments with ski fans

Targeting the nation's four million-strong skiing fans, Panasonic is launching a social media campaign today with an HD video booth kickoff at Yonge-Dundas Square, followed by Canadian skiers recording their lives and posting the footage on Panasonic's microsite.

A new three-year partnership between Panasonic Canada and Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) is being announced at Yonge-Dundas Square today as part of Panasonic’s HD Moments campaign. Fans attending the event, dubbed the Panasonic HD Moments Alpine Village, will have the chance to record ‘good luck’ messages for Canadian athletes at a Panasonic interactive HD video booth and compete in an interactive Nintendo Wii Ski challenge. This season’s Canadian Alpine Ski Team will also be introduced, giving fans the chance to meet athletes such as ski icon Brian Stemmle.

As part of its partnership with the ACA, Panasonic will equip five Canadian skiers with new Panasonic HD video cameras so they can record their lives and post footage online at, giving ski fans – about four million of them in Canada – the inside scoop.

As the ACA’s exclusive consumer electronics partner, Panasonic will also provide increased funding and digital technology and audio/video equipment – such as Viera HD televisions, Toughbook notebooks and HD digital video camcorders – for athletes and staff.

Panasonic has already created a two-minute video teaser from the HD footage, which will be available on the microsite at today after 10:30 am.

Today’s event will take place at 11:30 am.