Anime superheroines blast onto YTV

YTV is adding Japan's popular Pretty Cure to the lineup, offering a BFF girly-powered alternative to young action fans.

Taking aim at Canadian girls aged 6 to 12, Pretty Cure features Natalie and Hannah, friends with the handy ability to morph into monster-bashing superheroes. In grand anime tradition, they embark upon a quest to save magical ‘Prism Stones’ from villainous grasps.

The 49-ep Pretty Cure joins an arsenal of anime franchises on YTV. Broadcast around the world, it originated in 2004 in Japan, where it’s popular with junior and high school students. The series has spawned movies, three spin-off TV series, and more movies based on the TV spin-offs. It also inspired a costumed girl tribute band, Precure Kids.

Pretty Cure debuts on YTV today at 7:30 am. Episodes from its first season will be repeated on Fridays at 3:30 pm and Saturdays at 7 am ET.