E-Hanger keeps its advertising in the closet

E-Hangers' 'laundromedia' effort hinges on recyclable cardboard hangers that are designed with space for colour advertising.

Toronto-based E-Hanger has unveiled a new eco-friendly clothing hanger made entirely from recyclable cardboard.

E-Hanger has signed a distribution deal to have 100,000 hangers in 1,500 drycleaners in Ontario cities like Toronto, London, Hamilton and Windsor. It will also supply laundry services which clean uniforms for 500 companies, such as Airport Drycleaners and Laundry Services serving the Mississauga and Brampton area.

The hangers will reach the 24-to-59 suit and uniform demos from the manufacturing, hospital, food processing, hospitality and professional sectors through a network of dry cleaners and laundry services. Each hanger offers ads printed on each, branding messages, coupons and free sampling possibilities.