Samsung dials up digital OOH

With a new campaign for the Omnia phone, the electronics brand is premiering a new ad model in which digital OOH will account for more than 90% of all media for new wireless products.

After conducting research on the value of a digital OOH-only push, Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has launched a new campaign that primarily uses the medium to promote its new phone, the Omnia. A 15-second spot highlighting the phone’s five-megapixel video and still camera is playing on Adcentricity’s network of 430 venues on 1,751 screens across Canada.

‘They flipped to a new model [in which] 90 to 95% of all media for every single product launch that the wireless division has will now be digital out of home,’ Rob Gorrie, CEO of Adcentricity, a Toronto-based digital OOH media aggregator, tells MiC. Last year Samsung ran a couple of campaigns in the medium, and realized that there was a 49% increase in unaided brand recall and a 47% increase in propensity to purchase Samsung phones, explains Gorrie, of the brand’s research.

The campaign, co-created by Cheil Communications, extends through venues like convenience and grocery stores, entertainment and hospitality locales, office buildings and fitness centres across Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area. Samsung’s target is urban 25 to 54 year olds.

Gorrie says the medium is ideal for a product like the Omnia, because of the ability to highlight its features and benefits in a short period of time. ‘You have a great opportunity within a 15-second window, which these days is about all consumers will give to you, to basically say ‘here’s the new product, here are the feature benefits, and here’s where to go and get it,’ he says.