Space calls in Doctor Who

The cable channel has picked up specials featuring the Time Lord and a new installment of its spin-off Torchwood.

Space has bought four Doctor Who 60-minute specials featuring the time-travelling doctor, currently played by David Tennant, and plans to air the first, Planet of the Dead, sometime in July. Water of Mars and the remaining, still-untitled specials will air in either late 2009 or early ’10.

The five-episode special Torchwood: Children of Earth will also premiere in July, featuring Brits Paul Coopey (Coronation Street) and Liz May Brice (Bad Girls).

The CTVgm-owned channel also picked up seasons one through four of the Doctor Who series and another two specials – Doctor Who: Runaway Bride and Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion Special – all of which will arrive at the channel in March 2010.

Both series previously aired on CBC. Doctor Who held the net’s Friday 9 pm slot at the start of the 2008/09 season.

From Playback Daily