Quirky Qubit debuts on Discovery

Multi-platform sponsorship opps are available for the new summer quiz show that features a cool 3D hologram.

Qubit, a new battle-of-the-wits quiz show that uses a 3D hologram to test contestants’ knowledge of science, launches July 4 on Discovery Channel. In each episode, the Qube hologram hovers in front of the players who answer quirky questions from science, tech and natural history categories. The best contestant then face off against the Qube in an attempt to nab a $10,000 prize. Andrew Anthony (Matchmaker) hosts the 26-ep half-hour series filmed in Toronto, which will air Saturdays at 6:30 pm and Wednesdays at 6 and 6:30 pm.

Sponsorship opportunities include spots and billboards on TV, as well as an eight-week show site sponsorship anchored on DiscoveryChannel.ca. Full episodes of Qubit (targeting adults aged 24 to 54) will be available online one week after broadcast, with exclusive online footage including a look at the science and technology behind the Qubit set. The online sponsorship opps include an interactive flash component that spotlights Qubit players, as well as social networking features.