Fido invites commuters to go for a walk

An innovative transit shelter campaign kicks off a new Fido store opening in Orangeville.

Fido is building hype for its new store opening in Orangeville with a quirky local OOH campaign featuring the brand’s ubiquitous pooches.

The displays feature three pieces of branding on each of four area transit shelters: A Fido-branded ad on the side and on the front, and a sign with the phrase ‘Let’s go for a walk. You’ll be glad you did.’ Under the sign is an image of a dog with a real leash attached and dangling from the shelter wall.

‘We wanted to incorporate the transit user into the ad and make them part of it,’ Adam Roach, marketing coordinator for Fido/Rogers product distributor Wireless2Go, tells MiC. ‘We wanted it to be interactive, as much as you can make a transit shelter interactive.’

The inspiration for the use of transit shelters came from a sales pitch by the city of Orangeville, which handles its own transit shelter advertising sales. Roach then executed the campaign’s creative and media buy in-house, working with Fido directly for creative approval.

In addition to promoting the new store, Roach says, the second goal of the campaign was to promote Fido’s budget-friendly image.

‘We’re trying to get across that we’re the budget brand that cares,’ Roach tells MiC, adding that transit shelters were an ideal place to reach their target demographic, 18 to 30 year olds. In addition, he says, the shelters provide continuous, month-long exposure as opposed to more sporadic daily buys in print and radio.

Wireless2Go chose to place the ads in all of Orangeville’s only four transit shelter locations: the downtown core and a couple of shopping centres. The campaign, which launched over the weekend to coincide with the store’s grand opening, runs through Sept. 22.