Ikea thought of that

A new national media campaign touts Ikea's understanding of how consumers use its products.

In a new multimedia campaign launched this week, Ikea is showing consumers that it understands how they use its products in everyday life.

The ‘We thought of that’ campaign, created by Toronto-based Zig with media handled by Mindshare, features people in everyday situations, enjoying the ease of Ikea furniture, in television spots and print ads. The first television spot, for the PAX wardrobe, shows a couple happily getting ready for work in their bedroom. Frasier‘s David Hyde Pierce narrates the spot, describing how the morning would have gone for the couple had the wardrobe not been so thoughtfully designed. The print ads mirror the style and content of the TV spots.

The PAX wardrobe phase of the campaign started this week and runs to Sept. 20. There are two more phases to follow, focusing on Ikea kitchens and home entertainment, rolling out into 2010. The media buy includes spots on French and English television on prime, fringe and specialty stations, and the print ads will run again in both French and English mags, including House and Home and Ma Maison. Radio buys are national and bilingual in major Canadian markets, and the web buy targets portals and specialty sites.

‘We approached the campaign using a multimedia program, so TV, radio, online and magazine are all components. We did this to ensure that we had multiple touch points with our consumer while ensuring we had comprehensive market coverage,’ Mindshare media manager Laura Holding tells MiC.