Morgan Crossing offers buyers an escape from Boringville

The real estate developer seeks to convert suburban home buyers to embrace the urban lifestyle with an attention-grabbing regional OOH and print media buy.

Real estate developer Morgan Crossing wants home buyers to consider a life outside the suburbs with its attention-grabbing new campaign, ‘Escape Boringville.’

Seeking to grab the attention of suburban home buyers who might not have considered a more urban lifestyle, Morgan Crossing has launched a new media campaign featuring an almost post-modern installation-style OOH exhibit located near the up-and-coming development in South Surrey, BC, Spring Advertising account manager Kevin Cornista told MiC.

The installation portrays a beige minivan releasing a group of frantic-looking beige mannequins, seemingly anxious to scramble up a billboard in order to look enviously at the community depicted within. The idea was a collaboration between Vancouver-based Spring, Barlow Media and Fingerprint Strategies.

The goal was to promote the idea of an alternative lifestyle through the medium itself, says Cornista. The display went live on Nov. 2, 2009, and will stay active until Nov. 23. The campaign also includes a website and a whimsical classified advertising buy in Vancouver’s Metro, 24 Hours, Black Press community papers and the Home Buyers Guide. The ads appear to be selling the now-unnecessary goods, such as the minivan, that are supposedly leftover from people’s former dreary suburban lives.

‘Real estate advertising has a habit of sameness which we wanted to move away from,’ Rob Schleycher, Spring Advertising CD, told MiC of the creative strategy.’The creative dictated the use of alternative media because we were making a statement that this is an alternative to the typical suburban lifestyle.’