Networks exchange barbs, best wishes

The PR departments at Global and CTV end a battle of the press releases on a festive high note.

The latest round of sniping between CTV and Global seems to have ended in a ceasefire and wishes – offered through clenched teeth, perhaps – for a merry holiday season.

Global’s PR department had had some fun at CTV’s expense Friday, responding to a recent statement in which the top-placed network touted its well-watched fall season, pointing to its high 2+ numbers, the promising debut of V and its edge over Global in the Toronto and Vancouver markets in certain 18+ and 25+ demographics.

Global’s cheeky response noted that it had both the number one show, House, in the key 25-to-54 demo and four others in the top 10 – a fact spelled out in a chart that CTV included in its original missive.

‘Even in the ultra-competitive TV business, the holiday season seems to bring out the best in people,’ said the Global release, adding thanks to its arch-rival for ‘remind[ing] readers of the dramatic shift occurring in the TV landscape.’

Global went on to congratulate CTV on its continued number one position before noting its own gains.

Asked if the network had any further response, a CTV spokesperson said there was ‘nothing official, but we ‘tweeted’ back at them.’ The response on the PR department’s Twitter page reads, ‘We love this! Well done Global!’

The networks clashed in the PR arena last week over the interpretation of online video numbers.

From Playback Daily