Evil series shooting for Space

The comical CFC short Todd & The Book of Ultimate Evil finally makes the jump to TV, led by Dark Oracle's Alex House.

Some seven years after the title first appeared on the festival circuit, Space has sent the series version of Todd & The Book of Ultimate Evil to camera in Winnipeg, shooting 13 episodes of the supernatural comedy through local shop Frantic Films.

The series is a copro between Frantic, Corvid Pictures and Aircraft Pictures – building on the short that came out of the CFC’s dramatic short program in 2003.

Alex House, who covered similar territory while leading YTV’s Dark Oracle, stars as a teenage metal-head who comes across an ancient tome that makes wishes, however absurd or puerile, come true.

The cast is rounded out by Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats) Maggie Castle (Hank and Mike, The Time Traveller’s Wife), Bill Turnbull (The Jon Dore Television Show), Melanie Leishman and Chris Leavins.

The series is directed by James Dunnison (Hiccups), James Genn, David Winning and Craig David Wallace.

From Playback Daily