CCAB releases 2009 circ data

The report includes numbers for 18 major metro dailies including the Toronto Star, Sun newspapers, Metro, 24 Hours, and Journal de Montreal.

To complement the numbers released by NADbank yesterday, CCAB, the Canadian arm of BPA, released its newspaper circulation data for three of Canada’s largest newspaper publishing groups.

At the top of the pile is the Toronto Star with a total circulation of 2,865,380 copies per week. Saturday registered as the largest circulation day of the week, with an average of 566,706 copies hitting the streets. The Toronto Sun registered second in the report, with a total circ of 1,322,042 copies per week, with Sunday as the top circ day of the week. The report also includes circulation numbers for small-market dailies such as Transcontinental’s the Telegram, based in St. John’s, Nfld, with a total circ of 172,636 copies per week.

The CCAB report cumulates 12 months of circulation data ending December 2009. It covers 18 major metro dailies and 32 other markets’ dailies. The report represents a combined total of 50 audit reports and circulation statements.

The rest of the data can be reviewed here.