HGTV blooms with spring campaign

The channel unleashes phase two of its spring promotional campaign, decorating transit shelters, newspapers and billboards with blossoming paint chips and spritely screwdrivers.

Starting this week, Canadians can expect to see blossoming paint chips and blooming screwdrivers decorating Toronto buses, newspapers and billboards as HGTV launches its spring promotional brand campaign.

Targeting adults 25 to 54, the campaign launched this week with full page ads in the National Post and Vancouver Sun. It will continue for four weeks on buses and billboards in Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, London and Ottawa.

There are two creative themes for the campaign, the first featuring screwdrivers growing up from the ground and the second multicoloured paint chips blooming on tree branches. The bus creative extends out of the ad’s frame and onto the sides and window of the bus. Each ad features the tagline: ‘Spring is here. HGTV.’

The branded spring promotional push was preceded earlier in the month with a media campaign for shows Home To Flip and Sarah’s House. It included print, radio and IPGs.