Canwest, Prodigy find Lost Girl

Integration opps are available for this new Canadian series about a vampy succubus with a taste for humans (and love triangles).

She’s a girl with a taste for mortal sexual energy, he’s a shape-shifting homicide detective who can’t resist her charms and then there’s the doctor who just wants to help – let the love triangle begin!

Canwest and Prodigy Pictures announced that the new Canadian original series Lost Girl is now underway. Slated for 13 hour-long episodes to air on Showcase this fall, Canwest and Prodigy have confirmed that they are ‘open’ to brand integrations that are complementary to the series and welcome pitches from interested sponsors.

Targeting 25- to 54-year-olds, the show is a bit of a twist on the vampire genre, featuring a ‘supernatural seductress’ named Bo (played by Canadian actor Anna Silk) who learns she is not human as she once thought, but is a succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. The plot follows Bo as she navigates life in the wake of this revelation – and all the carnage that it brings.

Lost Girl will be complemented with a companion website that will ‘give viewers an unprecedented, interactive experience,’ a release promised.