Happy Town bows on A

The new one-hour mystery thriller shot in Port Hope, ON., features actor Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) in its ensemble cast.

CTV’s A will get a little creepier on Wednesday nights, as it sets to debut Happy Town, a ‘mystery thriller’ with a supernatural twist.

The hour-long show will start April 28 at 10 p.m. and features actor Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) in a leading role. As the eerie font for the show’s title indicates, things are not really all that happy in the small town of Haplin, MN, where the show is based. A murder brings back memories of a series of unsolved crimes in the town and as the characters dig deeper, things get creepier. And just like the boardgame Clue, everyone’s a suspect.

Filmed in Port Hope, ON, the ABC Studios-produced show features a number of Canadian actors, including Peter Outerbridge (Saw VI, ReGenesis) and Natalie Brown (Sophie). It is currently being promoted on-air on CTV proper and A.