Rickard’s taste-tests its new Dark flavour

The Molson-owned brand is promoting its new Dark beer with a digital and TV push, while also leveraging the digital success of the  'Brew Your Own Beer Ad' campaign launched earlier this year.

What sets Rickard’s apart from other beers in the marketplace are its distinct, rich flavours, says senior brand manager, Paul Lipson. It’s emphasizing this message in its marketing as it introduces Rickard’s Dark to its line (which already includes Rickard’s Red and White). The Molson-owned brand has launched a ‘What’s it taste like?’ campaign promoting the new flavour with online banner ads currently in-market on publishing websites like EyeWeekly.com.

The spring campaign, which also includes 15-second TV spots, is a continuation of the flavour-oriented marketing stratgey started by the ‘Pint of Deliciousness’ commercials created last year by Taxi, with media handled by Mediaedge:cia.

‘Prior to this campaign, Rickard’s had been a pub-oriented beer,’ says Lipson. But now it is instead focusing on a flavour-oriented strategy that includes aligning the brand with food and summer barbecues, hence the contest, he explains. For instance, when Rickard’s Dark first arrived in the Toronto market this year, it was debuted at O.Noir restaurant, where patrons eat in the dark to enhance their gastronomical experience.

Through e-blasts and TV spots, Rickard’s is also currently promoting its make-your-own-ad program, created by Toronto-based digital agency 58Ninety. The program asks visitors on Rickard’s website to write their own script that is then dubbed over the actors’ lines from last year’s commercial. The widget is also accessible through Facebook, which Lipson says has increased the brand’s online fan base and presence. Their Facebook page increased from 500 fans to about 6,000 since the launch of the contest earlier this year, and they’ve received about 1,500 commercial submissions since February.

‘People are really passionate about this brand,’ Lipson tells MiC. ‘It was a chance for us to reach out and find more people who are that passionate and give them a floor to express what they think about the beer,’ he adds.