Bieber mania boosts Juno ratings

The awards night had the highest ratings since Shania Twain hosted in 2003, according audience measurements by BBM Canada. Meanwhile, the Habs attracted more than five million viewers at the ratings peak of Saturday's game against the Washington Capitals.

He didn’t actually win an award, but Justin Bieber helped the 2010 Juno Awards, which aired on CTV on Sunday night, boost its 18-to-34 demographic by 63% over the previous year, according to figures by BBM Canada. Attracting 1.6 million viewers, it was the most-watched Junos of the decade, and a 31% increase over the previous year.

Audience viewership peaked at 2.1 million during a surprise rap intervention by Toronto’s Drake as Bieber performed his song ‘Baby.’ The two-hour awards special was watched in all, or in part, by 6.5 million Canadians.

Meanwhile, what boy-bangs are to the Junos the Habs are to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. More than 3.4 million viewers watched the game on TSN (2.1 million) and RDS (1.3 million) on Saturday night, when the Washington Capitals defeated the Montreal Canadiens in overtime.

Audiences for the game peaked in the third period during a goal by the Capitals, which was seen by 5.3 million people. TSN’s average audience of 2.1 million viewers is the highest NHL playoff audience ever recorded for the network, according to BBM Canada figures.