Spotted! City cleaning in progress

Sponsors like Glad, Tim Hortons and Pizza Pizza are helping to clean up Toronto with a 20-minute makeover tomorrow, asking businesses and residents to help clean up their community.

A three-metre-tall cleaning pylon at the corner of Wellington and Scott streets in Toronto asks residents to join in a 20-minute makeover this Friday, organized by the City of Toronto.

The sign is symbolic of what the City is trying to accomplish, says Gary Welsh, general manager of transportation services.

‘Everyone understands the smaller use of this device for cleaning floors and so it’s a very familiar sight,’ Welsh tells MiC. The larger version is symbolicsymbolizes cleaning outside – an area that’s still very much part of their community, he adds.

Glad is the lead sponsor of the event, providing gloves and garbage bags for residents who want to help out, says Welsh. CP24 is promoting the event on television, while other sponsors like Tim Hortons, Home Depot and Pizza Pizza are providing monetary donations to help cover the costs, he explains.