BMW smacks lipstick on mirrors

Sexy messages will appear in men's restaurant bathrooms urging them to text in for photos of a new BMW model, one of the first brands in Canada to use AddMirror's shiny new medium.

Playing on the fantasy of tantalizing messages written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, BMW is reaching out to Canadian males in a new, mobile-based campaign for its 3 Series Coupé.

Targeting 25- to 45-year-old men, messages like ‘I’ll make your heart pound’ and ‘My body is absolutely stunning’ will appear in the restrooms of lounges and restaurants across Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Powered by AddMirror‘s network of washroom mirrors that also host ads, the mirrors are activated by a motion sensor and allow for up to six panels of ads to appear in the frame.

In the 3 Series Coupé campaign, the ad urges readers to text in for photos of the supposed knockout leaving the love notes. A link is sent back to the user’s cellphone, leading them to a landing page with the headline ‘We were made for each other,’ as well as downloadable photos of the new BMW 3 Series Coupé. Creative was developed by Cundari, with media handled by Media Experts in Toronto.

‘We want to create that talk factor, as well as elicit an emotional response from these viewers,’ Marc Belcourt, brand communications manager, BMW Group Canada, tells MiC. ‘We added the extra layer of engagement with the addition of the mobile application so that we can measure if this did indeed happen.’

Initial reports show an 84% CTR to the 3 Series Coupé landing page among those who initially text for pics, says Belcourt. (The other 16% were apparently hoping for images of a different kind.) The whole campaign is meant to create desire for the brand, he explains.

‘We were interested in this technology as it is a very distinctive and highly targeted communications tool. We are also fans of mobile, and this is a great mobile environment,’ Belcourt says.