Style at Home paints the town

The home decor mag partners up with Home Hardware on a new line of paint designed to 'make the magazine come to life,' publisher Caroline Andrews tells MiC.

Canadians will soon be able to paint their living rooms with all the panache of a Style at Home photo shoot, thanks to a new partnership between the magazine and Home Hardware.

The Style at Home Colour Collection is a co-branded line of Beauti-Tone paint, a house brand sold by Home Hardware in Canada. The colours were selected by Style at Home‘s editors and the colour ‘stories’ were designed to reflect the editorial ethos of the magazine, Caroline Andrews, group publisher, sports, leisure and entertainment, Transcontinental Media, tells MiC.

‘We really wanted the magazine to come to life. We chose different styles of rooms that have run in the magazine, and talked about how to put the colour palette together, and created matching colours,’ she explains.

The partnership between Transcontinental and Home Hardware is one that extends back to the days of Canadian Home & Country magazine, which also had a co-branded line of Beauti-Tone paint. When Home & Country folded last year, Home Hardware contacted Transcontinental about continuing the partnership with Style at Home, as the previous co-brand had become their most popular colour card.

The Style at Home Colour Collection was unveiled to the public in the May issue of the magazine, with an editorial spread showing the colour palettes and the rooms that inspired them, as well as editorial describing the team’s process of coming up with the colour stories. However, the bulk of the promotion behind the paint is coming from Home Hardware corporate, Andrews says. (All Home Hardware locations are independently owned.) Banner kits and posters have been distributed to over 950 stores across Canada and the paint is being advertised in the Home Hardware magazine, which is also distributed through stores. Promo will be included in the retailer’s monthly direct-mail flyer, which goes out to 5.5 million Canadians. Home Hardware is also producing a video, featuring the Style at Home editors role-playing the paint-creation process, which will loop on TVs in the paint section of the stores.

The partnership not only represents an extension of the magazine into the world of household products – which Andrews says they would like to pursue further – but an opportunity to reach a new audience, she says.

‘I think it’s great branding for us. It’s very exciting just to have our name out there to millions of people who may not have read the magazine in the past. It adds credibility to both of our brands and we expect great results from it.’