App-etite: Tiffany & Co. sizes up ring buyers

Tiffany & Co.'s Carson Glover shares the strategy behind the company's new iPhone Ring Finder app.

Couples can now incorporate the iPhone into their iRomance with a new Engagement Ring Finder app from Tiffany and Co. The app features a ring-sizing feature that lets you drop your beloved’s ring onto the screen and determine their ring size.

Besides measuring ring size, the Finder app also lets consumers to search by shape, design, setting and metal, and allows viewing of the ring in six different carat sizes. Choices can then be saved or shared as favourites via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. It was created by Tiffany’s marketing interactive media team, and is available free from iTunes.

Carson Glover, director, media relations, Tiffany & Co., says the app was developed in response to a very simple, time-honoured dilemma: ‘The age-old problem of purchasing the wrong ring size is over,’ he quips.

Q: Why did you develop this app?
A: The new iPhone engagement app provides another access point to Tiffany’s expertise and knowledge. Today more and more people are getting their information through mobile devices. We are now providing an additional interactive way to browse the Tiffany engagement selection.

Q: How does this app contribute to your overall campaign or brand strategy?
A: Tiffany & Co. has had an active Facebook page since February 2009 and Twitter account since February 2010. In creating the new Tiffany engagement iPhone app, the company has taken another step to provide customers with vehicles to share their Tiffany experience with others.

Q: How will this app be promoted to consumers?
A: Tiffany created a How to video available on, Tiffany Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.