Germany wins with 1.95 million viewers

On Friday, the Netherlands beat Brazil in a match that was the most popular game on

Despite Argentinean coach Diego Maradona’s confidence that it would, his team did not make it into the semi-finals, as Germany won the match on Saturday, attracting 1.950 million Canadian viewers. It was the second highest-rated game of the World Cup, which airs on CBC, to date.

Also on Saturday, Spain became the last team to make it into the semis with a match against Paraguay that brought in 1.938 million viewers. But before the weekend, everyone was talking about the Netherlands’ win over Brazil, which was seen by 1.841 million viewers in Canada, and the crushed hopes of Africa after Ghana lost to Uruguay in a controversial match seen by 1.853 million.

Online, the Uruguay vs. Ghana match was most-watched with 165,047 total live streams, followed by the Netherlands vs. Brazil that had 159,342 total live streams.

Source: Television audiences are BBM overnight, A2+ (PPM measurement). Streaming numbers: CBC Research – Omniture HBX (2009) and Omniture Site Catalyst (2010).