Global Reality spies on Big Brother house

A televised live feed will show viewers what goes on 'After Dark' in a new Big Brother 12 spinoff airing seven days a week.

This morning Global Reality Channel debuted Big Brother After Dark, a live feed showing what goes on in the house after the (other) cameras are turned off.

Airing from midnight to 3 a.m., the series will run every night until the Big Brother 12 season finale on Sept. 15. It is meant to appeal to nocturnal adults aged 18 to 49 who are fans of the show, a social experiment that records more than a dozen strangers living together in isolation from the outside world for months at a time. Competitors vote for who they want to see leave the house, with the objective to stay until the end and win a cash prize.

This summer, in its twelfth season, Big Brother on Global has been consistently topping the ratings multiple times per week according to BBM Canada figures.

There are no current sponsorships tied to the launch of Big Brother After Dark, which airs exclusively on Global Reality Channel. However, Canwest can offer advertisers sponsorship opportunities, contesting and custom creative executions tied to both After Dark and the regular broadcast on Global, according to a spokesperson.