Second Cup’s toasty in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Canadian brands don't often get the star treatment in Hollywood flicks, but the Toronto-set Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is changing the integration game.

‘They make movies in Toronto?’ Michael Cera’s character quips to his roommate just before battling his girlfriend’s famous evil ex-boyfriend during a film shoot at Casa Loma in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, released today.

This kind of Canadian self-mockery is pervasive in the film, which is, in fact, unapologetically Toronto-centric. But Cera’s character is right – when movies are set in Toronto, producers are rarely honest about it.

‘It’s not very often where Toronto gets to play Toronto in a Hollywood film; to keep that a priority and feature Canadian brands,’ says Natasha Mackow, director, marketing and communications, Second Cup.

The coffee franchise, started in Canada in 1975, plays a major role in the film as two of the characters work as baristas and it’s also where Cera’s new love meets an old flame in a particularly awkward scene after a coffee order.

To arrange brand integration, Second Cup worked directly with Universal, which was aimed at staying true to the series of graphic novels upon which the movie is based.

‘As I understand it, Bryan Lee O’Malley often wrote in Second Cup cafes early in his career, so naturally, when we are approached to be a part of the film based on the graphic novel, we were delighted,’ Mackow tells MiC.

The film has already received a loving reception locally, partnering with Toronto tourism for its marketing. But Cera’s indie appeal and kick-ass fight scenes ensure the movie will be a hit with young audiences.

‘When we first started our conversations with Universal, Michael Cera was one of the biggest up-and-coming stars of his generation, plus he’s Canadian and being directed by Edgar Wright, this was a recipe for success from the beginning,’ Mackow says, of the coverage the movie has received so far.