CRTC to order broadcasters to air digital switch PSAs

The CRTC wants broadcasters to keep consumers in the loop on when the change will take place.

The CRTC is enlisting broadcasters in its ground game to get Canadians ready for the digital switch on Aug. 31, 2011.

The regulator has called for comments on its proposed rules for Canada’s analogue-to-digital TV conversion, to include broadcasters airing public service announcements (PSAs) and service loss notices related to next year’s switchover.

The CRTC wants the PSAs to start airing by March 1, 2011 or six months before broadcasters jettison their analogue services.

Here, as much else with Canada’s digital TV changeover, the CRTC is following the American market, where US networks in 2008 and 2009 aired video PSAs to save oblivious TV viewers from finding themselves with static on their TV sets while others embraced the digital age.

From Playback Daily