CNA/CCNA rebrands as Newspapers Canada

The non-profit has merged the two associations into one to present a 'united front.'

The Canadian Newspaper Association and Canadian Community Newspapers Association have rebranded under a new, single banner to present a ‘united front’ for marketing, the organization announced yesterday.

The new name comes in tandem with a new logo, tagline and updated website, presented in both French and English. (In French, the new name is Journaux Canadiens.)

The goal of the rebrand was to simplify marketing and communication for the organization and its members, Suzanne Raitt, VP, innovation and marketing, Newspapers Canada, tells MiC.

‘Rather than having two names, two newspaper association websites, two phone numbers and two separate conferences – which we used to do – we now offer one source for information on the industry,’ she explains.

John Hinds, president and CEO of Newspapers Canada, said in a release the single brand is a natural evolution of the organization.

‘The two associations have been working together under a co-management agreement for more than two years. Many of the organizations’ activities and resources have been combined. As well, many of our initiatives (such as the Freedom of Information Audit) are applicable across all newspapers. The new branding reflects the current industry and its future. It was designed to build off our roots while demonstrating our strength and growth in delivering news across multiple platforms.’