Coca-Cola set to play Games with the Consortium again

Coca-Cola VP Leeanne Comish talks to MiC about its media sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and what it means to the brand.

As far away as it seemed last February when the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games wrapped, the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are just around the corner, and Coca-Cola is already ramping up its media plan.

Announced yesterday, the beverage co is the first media sponsor on board with Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium for the London 2012 Games, now just 15 months away.

Including broadcast, mobile and online, the deal is the largest Coca-Cola has done with Canadian media for a non-domestic Summer Games, in both the scope of its investment and the size of the execution, Leeanne Comish, VP, integrated marketing, Coca-Cola Limited, tells MiC.

Coca-Cola will have exclusivity in beverage categories including sparkling (non-alcoholic carbonated beverages), water, enhanced water, sports drinks, juice and juice drinks and hot and cold ready-to-drink tea.

The exclusivity agreement means that instead of just promoting Coca-Cola, which the brand largely did in Vancouver, it will be promoting all of its brands across the Consortium’s platforms, Comish says.

‘The big difference is that in Vancouver, we really focused on Coca-Cola, but as we move forward, it’s really about leveraging as many of our brands as possible,’ she says of the deal. ‘It will be multi brands across multi platforms.

‘Coca-Cola will still be prominent,’ she emphasizes. ‘Don’t get me wrong. But we’re going to leverage the new brands in very relevant ways. It could be occasion-based, it could be stakeholder-based, or target audience-based.’

Coca-Cola has been a continuous global Olympic partner since 1928 but last year marked the first Games that were truly multiplatform and it’s an opportunity the brand is looking to take full advantage of in 2010, Comish says.

‘What the media and the consortium do for us as a brand is to combine the emotional connection with the reach: bring the two together. And that brings us the opportunity to bring the Olympics to life in new and exciting ways.’