The National Post is off to the races with the Running Room

The cross-platform partnership promises to deliver audiences and ad opportunities.

“It might not appeal to someone selling a Double Down chicken sandwich but it will certainly appeal to someone trying to advertise a healthy choice,” John Stanton, founder, the Running Room, tells MiC of ad opportunities for its cross-platform partnership with the National Post.

The recently announced partnership between the Postmedia-owned National Post and the Running Room includes a weekly feature page in the newspaper, an online running channel on the National Post site and in-store and on-site race activations, Duncan Clark, director, product development, National Post, tells MiC.

“We have been able to create many cross-media buys with this partnership,” he says. “We have a feature product opportunity on the digital side which can be expanded into print and a lot of sponsorship opportunities. Content and advertising in the partnership can also be used in the Running Room magazine.”

Advertisers who have signed on with the partnership so far include Immunity FX (Afexa Life Sciences) and Asics Canada, says Clark.

The partnership promises to deliver key audience demographics to each partner, with the National Post gaining expanded reach into the health market and the Running Room simply reaching more consumers, says Clark.

“We are looking to reach runners with this partnership, which is a growing aspirational field,” he says. “It is an urban affluent market.”

The National Post will be promoting the partnership across its Postmedia properties and the Running Room will be displaying the featured content in its stores and at events, says Clark. Plans are also underway for on-site race activations this summer.