Gone Sailing Adventures puts ads on water

The Toronto-based sailing company is inviting advertisers to set their sights on its sails for the 2012 season.
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Gone Sailing Adventures is looking for an advertiser or two to set sail with this summer as it launches ad opportunities on its Bette K boat, which tours the Toronto Harbourfront three times a day, six days a week during the summer.

Howard Colt, senior skipper at Gone Sailing Adventures, tells MiC that the company is keen to get a client or two to add their campaign imagery to the boat’s 600 square feet of sail this summer.

“We have seen boats with ads on their sails in the US, including the race divisions and in New York and Miami, and decided to bring the opportunity to Toronto,” he says.

Because of the length of Canadian summers, Colt says they would like to have two clients at most splitting the advertising time so each could be guaranteed a full month of July or August to get maximum exposure.