Cue Digital Media launches Cue Video

The launch is a result of a partnership with US-based Digital Broadcasting Group.

Cue Digital Media has partnered with US-based content producer Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) and launched Cue Video. The launch makes Cue Video DBG’s exclusive advertising agency in Canada, according to David U.K., CEO and founder of Cue Digital Media.

DBG reached 22.5 million unique visitors in Canada in Dec. 2011, according to comScore Media Metrix numbers provided by Cue Video. The content producer has created programming for brands including Ford, Unilever and Coca-Cola as well as co-producing and distributing the Kiefer Sutherland-starring online drama The Confession, which aired in December on, CTV Mobile and the CTV iPad App.

U.K. tells MiC the partnership means Cue Video will represent DBG’s pre-roll and in-page video ads in Canada. Clients including Molson, PepsiCo and Fox have signed on with Cue Video, he says, adding that Cue Video is in talks to have DBG create content for its Canadian clients that want to get into the U.S. market.