Sony pushes PS3 and opens access to PSP gamers

New ads are pumping PS3 launch and PlayStation Portable users get 'more than just gaming.'

Sony Computer Entertainment Canada is releasing the PS3 entertainment unit on Nov. 17 with promotional efforts kicking into high gear. A new ad called ‘The Wait’ debuted this week on cinema screens across the country. It shows a young boy waking up, climbing to the roof of his house and joining scores of other lads staring at the sky.

Meanwhile, the handheld LCD screens of about 300,000 Canadian users of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system just got easier to reach with multimedia entertainment-on-the-go. On Oct. 18, Sony released a new version of Media Manager, the software that helps users manage the popular gaming unit’s video, music, podcast, RSS feeds and subscriptions to online content providers. The software was initially released last November, but the new version eliminates bugs. ‘Many of the five million PSP users out there use their systems for more than just gaming,’ says Sony Computer Entertainment America senior marketing manager PSP John Koller. And to capitalize on the PSP download capacity, a Canadian PlayStation website is in development for launch next year.