IFC slots shock talker Rollins for New Year

Viewer demand was a factor in Alliance Atlantis' move to bring The Henry Rollins Show to Canada. The man's built an audience on multiple platforms for decades now. But does he have what it takes to stay relevant with the grown-up grunge crowd?

Alliance Atlantis’ IFC Canada has secured 20 half-hours of the indie alternative flavour for its Saturday nights in the New Year with The Henry Rollins Show. The net will premiere the show on Jan. 6 at 9 pm – airing Saturdays and repeating on Mondays at 8 pm.

Rollins is no stranger to talk that gathers a following from his alternative/indie niche that’s often propelled him into the mainstream as a sort of bit-part novelty. The articulate and opinionated rock star has built an audience through his work with bands like Black Flag and Rollins Band as well as film, spoken-word tours (released as stand-up videos), and a long list of published books.

The Henry Rollins Show, which also has a myspace page, will put the shock-talking host into a fairly standard talk show format, with celebrity guests lined up (including Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Maher, Oliver Stone, Werner Herzog, Billy Bob Thornton, P.T. Anderson and Johnny Knoxville) and musical guests on every show (including Death Cab for Cutie, Aimee Mann, Ben Harper, Damian Marley, Thom Yorke, Ani DiFranco, Dinosaur Jr. and Rollins Band).

Marni Shulman, Alliance Atlantis VP content for IFC, Showcase Action and Showcase Diva, says viewers were requesting the series here in Canada.