UK’s Man’s Work finds home at OLN

The CTVglobemedia-owned net hopes to get an audience with a Brit bound for everything from diving into a lake from a helicopter (instead of a morning shower) to taking down coke dealers and playing with guns.

British humour is the draw for this reality series that sends a mid-30s wimp around the world to take up the most challenging and dangerous jobs on the planet. Man’s Work, imported from UK’s Bravo, gives host Ashley Hames a mandate to toughen up in this 13-part series which premieres Feb. 1 in OLN’s 8 pm ET/9 pm PT time slot. Billed as an adventure show for the average guy, the host puts the drunken lazy student attitude to work in odd jobs such as crab fishing in Alaska, crime scene cleaning in San Francisco, logging in B.C., anti-narcotics policing in Columbia, and so on. OLN’s betting Hames will draw in eyeballs of men, wimpy or macho, looking to find out what it takes to become a real man the hard way.