RRSP season: Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

RRSP time has rolled around again. It's anybody's guess where RRSP marketers will spend their ad bucks this year. But we've got the scoop on what they did in '06 - the lion's share went to dailies.

Last year, there was a big jump in spending by financial services companies during RRSP season, after they had remained fairly consistent during the three years prior. Daily newspapers edged out TV as the most popular medium for ad investment by a slim margin, while magazines, OOH and radio were left to divvy up the remaining 15% of the spend.

Total National Media Spend – Q1 2006 – RRSP season

&nbsp Q1 2003 Q1 2004 Q1 2005 Q1 2006
Total $44,160,180 44,471,296 44,651,920 47,586,696

National Q1 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies $20,783,735 (43.7%)
Magazines: $2,339,569 (4.9%)
Out of Home: $2,396,182 (5.0%)
Radio: $2,337,518 (4.9%)
Total TV: $19,729,692 (41.5%)

National Q1 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – RRSP season

1) Bank of Nova Scotia – Scotiabank Scotia Partners Portfolios Service – (Stockbrokers & investment management)
2) FMR Corp. – Fidelity Clearpath Retirement Portfolios – (Stockbrokers & investment management)
3) ING Groep NV – ING Direct Investment Savings Account – (Financial institutions deposits/chequing services)
4) AIM Trimark Investments – AIM Trimark Image – (Stockbrokers & investment management)
5) RBC Financial Group – RBC Royal Bank Investment Management Service – (Stockbrokers & investment management)

The preceding data is from the Nielsen Media Research, AdExpenditures. For more information, please contact Anita Boyle Evans, anita.boyleevans@nielsenmedia.com.

All data courtesy of Nielsen Media Research.