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Global’s primetime gets Vista treatment

Microsoft's Windows Vista launch has tied itself to Global Television's primetime programming in a way that highlights new features of the operating system using top shows like Heroes and Prison Break. It's an example of deeply compatible brand integration.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista campaign hit Global Television in a big way yesterday. The campaign integrates three different features of the new operating system into primetime, effectively giving viewers ‘Windows into Global programming.’ These include an on-air look ahead at programming, photo galleries for popular shows, and a look at the new Windows Vista Media Player when the credits are rolling (using squeezebacks).

The 15-second Vista Line Up spots give viewers a 3D flip preview for same-night and ‘Tomorrow Night’ programs. The 30-second ‘Windows into Global Programming’ spots showcase the features of Vista’s new photo gallery using scenes from top shows like Heroes, Prison Break, and The Gilmore Girls. The enhanced promo squeezebacks, which effectively push aside the running credits, will showcase aspects of the new operating system’s media player.

The 15-second Vista Line Up spots highlighting same-night programming will air between 2 pm and 7 pm, while the ‘Tomorrow Night’ ones will hit primetime viewers, once per hour until Feb. 5. The squeezebacks will run until Feb. 4. The 30-second photo gallery feature will run once per hour until Monday. Feb. 12.

The primetime spots will hit viewers for almost all of Global’s major programs, including Deal or No Deal, My Name is Earl, The Office, Shark, Las Vegas, Numbers, and Bones. The Vista Line Up spots will run from 6 am to 6 pm on Super Bowl Sunday, and the 30-second photo gallery feature will run through the Bowl’s programming block.

CanWest MediaWorks worked with creative teams from Microsoft, Global Television, M2 Universal and MacLaren-McCann to make the integration happen.