XYYZ launches an attack to halt Toronto’s ‘sex tax’

A lobby effort that can sum up your brand, your content, and your demo? Why not? After all, what's politics without sponsors? XM Radio Canada and GotStyle Menswear are backing an online grassroots campaign to halt parking tickets.

XYYZ.ca, a site for stylish urban guys living in Toronto, has launched a campaign to draw attention to itself and its sponsors XM Radio Canada and GotStyle Menswear, by riling up its key demo about the City of Toronto’s parking tickets. The site has dubbed the tickets ‘Booty Tax’ – an infraction on poor guys who are simply trying to answer a late-night booty call.

The campaign is a humorous lobby effort aimed at getting the City of Toronto to create an official Booty Pass, a $10 overnight parking permit that can be purchased online. Toronto-based Empire PR issued a press release this week urging guys to visit the campaign’s microsite, BootyPass.ca, and vote in support of the lobby effort by downloading a pass. XYYZ.ca has pledged to present a petition to city hall officials in March along with the final tally supporters. Each download offers a chance to win an XM Satellite Radio or a $25-off deal from GotStyle Menswear. The microsite also drives visitors to XYYZ.ca, which is home to articles by author/style guru Russell Smith (XYYZ.ca‘s executive editor), along with video ads from Johnny Walker’s ‘Keep Walking’ campaign, and sponsored sections by Pfaff Porsche and other text-based promos by TORO Magazine. Roots Canada has been one of the site’s supporters.

XYYZ.ca was launched in summer 2006 by founder Peter Coish, a former president with ad agency Draft Canada. The website’s managing editor is Steve Bochenek, a former Draft creative director. The duo, along with Smith, are planning to launch companion sites in Calgary (as XYYC), Montreal (XYUL) and Vancouver (XYVR) over the next six months. Coish tells MiC the Booty Tax campaign will hit those cities if the Toronto launch is successful. Coish would not provide subscriber or traffic numbers for the Toronto site. He did say: ‘We have a subscriber base in the thousands, and that’s increased exponentially within the last three months.’ An RFP has gone out, and Coish says XYYZ.ca hopes to have a media buying agency next week. Coish says ad creative for XYYZ.ca will be produced by ‘a small group of talented guys, an agency with no name.’