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Pogo asks kids for TV spot ideas

ConAgra Foods Canada is putting the Pogo brand in kids' hands - almost. A cash-winnings contest is asking kids, 'When you're eating a Pogo with one hand, what do you do with the other?' But the three best answers get more than a Pogo pay cheque. The commercials will run on the re-branded Teletoon and YTV.

What do you do with the other hand when you’re eating a Pogo? ConAgra Foods Canada launched a one-month contest yesterday that aims to drive kids to YTV.com and Teletoon.com and submit their best ideas for a TV commercial. Three grand prizes are worth a $2,500 Pogo pay cheque each (which doubles to $5,000 if a UPC is included with the entry). Ten random draw prizes are worth $200 (also doubled with a UPC).

The contest is backed by an online Pogo-branded skateboarding game at www.teletoon.com. The winning commercials will air on Teletoon and YTV.

The contest’s launch on Feb. 5 coincided with a re-branding of Teletoon. The on-air and online strategy, aiming for a mature and updated look, was a coordinated effort between in-house staffers and JWT Enterprise (for brand positioning), Toronto-based Youthography (for research and strategy), Brand New World (for brand mark creative), and 4stroke (for animation).