Nick, Microsoft plug into global study on kids and tech

The ground-breaking report contains data on 18,000 youngsters in 16 countries.

We’re well aware that kids are attached to technology the world over. But MTVN, Nickelodeon and Microsoft have released a beefy report that attempts to determine exactly how kids from around the world use and interact with technology. Dubbed Circuits of Cool/Digital Playground, the ground-breaking study talked to 18,000 kids ages eight to 14 and young people ages 14 to 24 in 16 countries including the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Canada and the US.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is that digital communication vehicles such as IM, email, social networking sites and mobile phones/texting are complementary to, not competitive with, TV. Additionally, the study is full of little info nuggets. For example, the average Chinese young person has 37 online friends he/she has never met, youth in India are most likely to see mobile phones as status symbols; and 33% of UK and US teens say they absolutely cannot live without their game consoles.

With help from Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, MTVN/Nick studied 21 technologies that affect young people, including Internet, email, TV, mobile, IM, cable and hand-held consoles. To get the full report, contact:

This story first appeared in KidScreen Daily.