Cupid trying pizzavertising

No need for arrows when there's Lavalife pizza boxes at the door.

Throughout this month and next, Toronto-HQ’d Lavalife is getting its brand message out to singles in Vancouver and Toronto on 120,000 branded pizza boxes. The eye-catching containers feature glossy visuals and include phone numbers to access the personal profiles of – and even IM with – hundreds of local Lavalife members.

The strategy pioneered by Toronto’s Fresh Tracks Media – which is plying its trade in Vancouver for the first time in this initiative – was a no-brainer for soliciting new clients, says Lavalife CEO Marina Glogovac. ‘We understand the busy lifestyles of singles today, and we want to communicate with them in places where they already live, work and play.’

Pizzavertising, she adds, ‘is a creative and impactful means of reaching new members and offering singles in these markets the chance to meet new people.’