Enhanced suite of media measurement services launches

More than 15,000 publishers, with several million web media assets, have joined the free program to date.

San Francisco’s Quantcast – the world’s only open Internet ratings service – released a beefed-up version of its free media measurement services yesterday. Free to publishers around the world, the program empowers them to demonstrate the value of their audiences by tagging their websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement.

Now available in Quantcast’s enhanced suite:

• Tabbed quantified publisher profiles for individual media properties, including a rich traffic overview that provides greater depth and insight on key audience metrics;

• Measurement of unduplicated reach and aggregated traffic statistics, as well as a single point of control for publishers with multiple sites and services;

• Secure tags to measure transactional pages on e-commerce sites of all kinds; and

• Video and widget measurement services to track impressions and interaction with Flash-based videos, widgets and games.

Bottom line? Quantcast co-founder/CEO Konrad Feldman says the new services ‘make it easy for advertisers to see the power in the network – complete with daily, weekly and monthly statistics on all of our sites combined and individually.’