Thanksgiving: Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

Television enjoys the bounty of Thanksgiving.

Dailies and magazines get a generous slice, but it’s TV that really shines the spotlight on all the mouth-watering delights that traditionally make up the Thanksgiving feast.

Aside from carnivals, festivals, shows, exhibitions and fairs, food and beverage marketers dominate this category with products that include fruit – canned, dried, fresh and frozen; juices, drinks and nectars; meat marketing boards and fresh meat; meat pies/vegetable pies; poultry marketing boards and fresh poultry; pies, tarts, and snack cakes, frozen and non-frozen; vegetables – canned, fresh, frozen and package; wine shops and distributors; and wines – domestic and imported.

Total National Media Spend – Q4 – Thanksgiving

Q4 2003 Q4 2004 Q4 2005 Q4 2006
Total $18,264,103 19,430,508 20,450,771 19,529,730

National Q4 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies: $3,281,224 (16.8%)
Magazines: $3,649,278 (18.7%)
Out of Home: $753,567 (3.9%)
Radio: $945,112 (4.8%)
Total TV: $10,900,549 (55.8%)

National Q4 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – Thanksgiving
1) Pepsico Inc. – Dole 100% Juice Blended Juice – (Juices, drinks & nectars)
2) Maple Leaf Foods Inc. – Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Chicken – (Poultry marketing boards, fresh poultry)
3) McCain Foods Limited – McCain Superfries Frozen – (Vegetables, frozen)
4) Kraft Inc. – Delmonte Fruit Juice – (Juices, drinks & nectars)
5) P&H Foods – Butterball Turkeys Frozen – (Poultry marketing boards, fresh poultry)

The preceding data is from Nielsen Media Research, AdExpenditures. For more information, contact Andrea Beach,