Ford launches national Bluetooth campaign

To promote the rollout of SYNC, the carco's new in-car communication system, transmitters are automatically sending messages to cell phones whenever they come in range.

What’s being touted as Canada’s first national Bluetooth technology marketing campaign was announced today by Ford of Canada. To promote the rollout of SYNC – Ford’s exclusive voice-activated in-car communication system – the initiative is now live in eight markets across Canada in both official languages.

How does the high-tech innovation work? Whenever consumers are within range of the program’s Bluetooth transmitters – which are leveraging the Zoom Media network – they will receive a message on their cell phones stating that it’s being sent from Ford SYNC. Those who choose to accept what comes next will then receive a 20-second Ford SYNC video or a Ford SYNC branded mobile wallpaper, free of charge.

Partnering with Ford in the campaign are Mediaedge:cia, Zoom Media and Jambo Mobile Solutions (part of the Silverbirch Group), all Toronto-based.

‘SYNC is one demonstration of our commitment to innovation and forward thinking,’ says Ford marketing communications manager Terry Spyropolous. ‘We wanted a communication strategy that fit this thinking. Implementing Bluetooth-enabled posters delivers on that strategy.’